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What tips do you have to help me find the perfect accommodation?

Nothing makes us happier than a happy guest! When searching for your ideal accommodation, be sure to fill in as many of the filters as possible. This helps us narrow down the search and provide you with options that are best suited for your perfect stay.

Is there a fee to make a reservation through GuestKo?

At GuestKo we’re all about the best service. To make that possible we charge a small service fee. This fee is typically 8% of the booking, this fee is to help run the guesKo platform. The exact amount varies based on a variety of factors. Don’t worry. You will have the chance to see how much this fee amounts to during the checkout process before your reservation is booked. Read more.

Can I communicate directly with the host?

We encourage our Hosts to post as much information as possible about their listing so that all your questions are answered before you even need to ask. If you would like to contact the host before booking choose the pre-approval booking option available through the GuestKo message system. Once your booking is confirmed, your Host will send you contact information and you will be able to communicate directly.

Do I need to provide personal information when I book?

We love all our guests and hosts and want to know you better. All GuestKo users are asked to share some basic information before they book on GuestKo. This information helps your Host know who to expect, and how to contact you. Read more.

How is my payment information kept secure?

Your trust is important to us and we’re committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. In fact, we have a dedicated privacy team committed to protecting all the personal information we collect. We are continuously implementing and updating administrative, technical, and physical security measures to help protect your information. Read more

Can I cancel my reservation?

We know that plans change and things come up. You can cancel your reservation and your refund will depend on the cancellation policies established by your Host. GuestKo may be able to provide a refund or waive the cancellation penalties if you must cancel due to an unexpected circumstance that is out of your control. Read more

How do I request a refund after my stay?

All refunds should be processed between guest and host. Please contact your host. Read more

What are the requirements to book on GuestKo?

How do I book a place on GuestKo ?

What info do I need to provide when I book?

How should I pay for my reservation?

What is a pre-approval?

How do I book a pre-approval or special offer?

How do I cancel my reservation as a guest for a place to stay?

How do I submit a reservation request?

What is the GuestKo Guest Service Fee?

What are GuestKo rules about security cameras and other recording devices in listings?

What qualifies as a Travel Issue for refund?

How do I cancel a reservation as a Guest of a place to stay?

How do I request a refund as a guest?

What is the Guest Cancellation policy for my stay?

What are the GuestKo Regulations and Standards?

What are the GuestKo Safety Standards & Guidelines?

What are the GuestKo Terms and Policies?

How to leave a review?

What is the GuestKo Non-Discrimination Policy?

How do I Message a Host?

How do I contact a host before booking a reservation?

What’s GuestKo doing about COVID-19?

What are some safety tips for guests of places to stay?


What are the benefits of listing with GuestKo?

If you own an accommodation with a kosher kitchen chances are you know the importance and challenge of making sure your guests will adhere to kosher dietary laws. As a site built for the kosher consumer, GuestKo attracts like-minded travelers, keeping both guests and hosts worry-free regarding kosher qualifications.

Are there any requirements for me to adhere to in order to list?

Nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing more or less than you would want and expect as a host. There are basic, essential amenities we ask every host to provide. GuestKo encourages reliability and responsiveness on the part of both hosts and guests to ensure everyone has the ultimate experience. Read more

How much does it cost to list my accommodation?

Nothing! Listing your accommodation is free. At the time of booking, we charge an industry standard service fee – 8% (of the total stay cost). Read more.

Is my accommodation insured against potential damage?

We want comfortable guests AND comfortable hosts! GuestKo provides a Host Protection Guarantee policy to all hosts who list with us. Read more.

Can I customize my availability dates to suit my needs?

We know and appreciate that your perfect apartment or spacious house may be reserved for you or your family and friends during certain times of the year. When listing your accommodation, you have the option to create your own availability calendar so discrepancies never arise.

How do I give a partial or full refund to my guest?

All refunds should be processed between guest and host. Please contact your guest. Read more

As a host, what penalties apply if I cancel a reservation for a stay?

How do I cancel a reservation as a host of a place to stay?

How do I refund my guest?

What are the GuestKo Host’s Cancellation policy options ?

How do I choose the right cancellation policy?

Can I remove or respond to a review I disagree with?

What are GuestKo’s basic requirements for hosts?

What is Responsible Hosting?

What are essential amenities?

What are GuestKo rules about security cameras and other recording devices in listings?

What is GuestKo Host Protection Guarantee?

What is the GuestKo service fee?

What qualifies as a Travel Issue for refund?

What are the GuestKo Regulations and Standards?

What are the GuestKo Payments Terms of Service?

What are the GuestKo Safety Standards & Guidelines?

What are the GuestKo Terms and Policies?

How do I respond to a Review?

How can I dispute a Review?

What’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol?

How do I make a custom link for my listing?

What is the GuestKo Non-Discrimination Policy

What if I don’t provide essential amenities in my listing

Why do I need to confirm my amenities

How can I prepare to host

How to Create a Listing

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