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For the observant Jew, kosher is so much more than just a food status; it’s a testament to our cherished way of life and constant connection to G-d. Which is why staying kosher while away from home is of paramount importance.

That’s where guestKo comes in; a platform built on the kosher commonality shared by global orthodox Jewry. We are an establishment of trust between guests and hosts; by committing to your kosher status, there is a shared responsibility to uphold and respect that commitment.
Not all kosher is created equal which is why guestKo includes the ability for both guests and hosts to communicate and establish clear kosher requirements. We want everyone to feel secure, trusting that their kosher needs are being met. Stay kosher, stay happy!

Disclaimer: guestKo endeavors to confirm that proper kosher status is uphold by both guests and hosts. However, due to the intricacies of kosher needs, guestKo does not take final responsibility for kosher status and cannot be held accountable for any breach thereof. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to communicate said needs to the host and the onus of the host to fulfill those needs accordingly.

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